Fitting my wheel arches.

The wheel arches should be pretty well trimmed to size with little if any further trimming needed. only around the splitter may be an issue depending where your splitter ended up after the splitter mods, if this was done at all?
Fronts first.
The front of the rocker is trimmed to allow the arch to fit as trimmed.

A bracket needs to be made to mount the bottom edge.
The splitter gets a bracket for mounting also, both are about an inch back from the edge.

The fender returns need to be reduced to allow the arch to be fitted, and to clear the tire. just a nice blend between the three points will be fine.
Rear of front

Top of front

Front of front

Note the arch dose not come all the way out to the edge of the fender.
This is roughly where it will sit at the top.

And the front and rear installed images.


Only the two 5mm bolts are required to hold the arch.
Fitting the rear arches.
This is a six piece kit.
First job is to fit the two tops to the engine cover. They are fairly self explanatory as to where they fit, centered to the wheel opening and pushed as far as possible away from centerline as possible, they are quite close to the chassis on there inside edge so not getting them pushed fully outboard will make them rub the chassis.
I will normally cleo them in place or screw them so as to be able to check the fit before bonding them on, its best to bond them with the engine cover fitted on the car as they will add quite a lot of rigidity to the cover and having the cover on the car will ensure the rigidity is holding the cover in the right form.

Once the rear tops are bonded on I tase the cover off and lay glass over the joint for strength.

Rear fronts
These fit forward of the return by about 3/4" again I trim off most of the return, its just not necessary to have that much.
some simple brackets will need to be made up to mount the arch to the chassis then I parcel tape the back of the arch, wet out four layers of glass and squeeze it on the back to create flanges for mounting. drill off for fasteners then remove and trim to shape.



Rear Rears
Much the same as the Rear Fronts.