Flywheel weight for ZFQ transaxle

Takis M.

Hi guys,
Can anyone tell me what is the weight of a good quality flywheel for a ZFQ transaxle mated to a 302 stroked to 331 engine ?
Would you consider 8.5kg as being too heavy??

Mike Pass

The weight (actually the mass) of the flywheel does not matter. The inertia of the flywheel is the important thing. The further the mass is from the centre the greater the contribution to the inertia. Two flywheels of the same mass can have very different rotational inertia. A flywheelwith most of it’s mass near the rim will have a greater rotational inertia than one with most of the mass near the centre.

Takis M.

Thanks Mike.
I got it from a very trusted source. The query was only made last night when a buddy of mine who builds hot rodded Mustangs stopped by last night and commented that it was quite a bit heavier than the flywheels he uses on his 900+ hp monsters. I had no reason to doubt my supplier but was curious generally speaking.
Thanks again to all.
Wishing you all a good weekend.