Forced induction SL-C's

I know the 2500lb SL-C is pretty quick with just a basic LS crate engine (which seems to be the most popular power plant), but owning and being around much more powerful cars, I have been thinking about adding a little more spunk to my LS3/525 at some point in the future. Besides, I hate the idea of getting pulled by a kid with a few grand in basic mods done to his Camaro or Mustang. The SL-C has its weight in the right place to plant more power than a typical front engine RWD platform. On paper this car has a lot going for it with its layout and light weight. Doing a H/C/I would certainly liven it up a little, but it's hard to beat the sound and look of a couple of turbos!

Short of rebuilding or selling the crate engine to do a proper forged engine built for boost, I can't see adding any more than about 8 - 10 lbs of boost (tops) if the crate engine is to live. But 700 hp or so is probably plenty to keep things interesting for a while, not to mention keep all but the most serious of Camaros and Mustangs off your fender!

I believe one or more LS9 engines have been installed in the SL-C, but we don't hear of or see all that many FI builds done. I don't think I've seen a TS Whipple or a Procharger in a SL-C, I doubt there's enough room without significant modifications. Adding a couple of turbos seems to be the most logical way to go in my mind.

So what has been built for SL-C LS based turbo systems? To the best of my knowledge, the Gearz car didn't come to fruition/completion. I heard Fran has built or is building one or more (???), and I know the guys at Horsepower Solutions built the system from the 1320 1/2 mile video. In fact, what they built is almost exactly what I was considering doing, but with the race tail configuration.

So lets see and hear some details regarding FI SL-C builds!


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I went with a custom built LS7 and a Harrop supercharger ~1k HP. Engine builder has same engine in his vette. He said that it would be very streetable but to "never 'stomp' on the gas" which sounds like good advice. I'm going with a MoTeC ECU so I'll have good traction control and a button to switch between two engine tunes.


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I too am a firm believer that there is no such thing as to much HP and if I could afford it I'd have TT Cosworth in mine. I don't think that you will have to worry to much about a Camero or Mustang keeping up to you in these cars even with just a NA LS unless they are heavily modded. I am surprised that a LS TT kit hasn't been developed for it yet Schwartz racing I think was doing the install on the one on Stacey Davids. Be nice to see what they came up with ?
BTW- I watched a certain green SLC at VIR NASA STU class battle a mustang, good fith, come to find out that the mustang had like 1,000hp and the SLC had an NA LS engine, so maybe 500-600hp. You will probably not need as much as you think. I am doing twin turbo V8, but only going for 450-600rwhp range and conservative 11psi 4.0L engine.
Twin turbo 1UZ. Water/air intercoolers and handmade intake.

Alas, I will probably be switching it out for the M275 Mercedes 5.5L V12 Biturbo motor that has down right nasty bottom end torque, and of course the sound.
I suppose I have a thing for turbos. Out of 5 cars/trucks, only one doesn't have twin turbos. Lol.
I'm switching my SLC from LS to 1UZ VVTi with a single turbo. Turbo is getting mounted at the back (ala Porsche 917). Plan is 900 RWHP. Not far enough along for pics...
Just tore into the last failed one last week. Found the oil pickup filled with some fiber. Not like a rag. More like fibers from a bottle brush (like used to clean block passages).

This motor was built by a local builder...

Safe bet the failure had nothing to do with it being an LS.

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I love HP and big torque but with my naturally aspirated hot sticked LS7 I can't hook my rear wheels and can break them loose at most any speed or any gear so not sure what your going to do with anything over 600 HP ?? till some one makes a tire that will hook, it will be for bragging rights only. I've had a few instances where my tires let go at speed and it was a hand full to get the car back. I have had fast cars all my life but the SL-C is so light you don't need much to get it to fly. The challenge I had with my car was to leave the lights with out spinning off the line took me over a week to learn to feather the clutch it just wants to go.

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Yes I know what you are saying, I haven't had mine up to that speed yet as I haven't found a track where I can do that, but I am with out a doubt sure my car will go there with ease with the 640 hp I have now with the LS7 NA engine. Just saying :)
But all that horsepower means you can crank in more downforce. BBORR is not like SilverState. There are real corners.

I'm running the fender vents and street splitter and the CF wing. So front downforce is limited currently. With the current setup, there are lots of corners that the limit is 120-150 (finding you've exceeded the limits of the car/tires at those speeds is interesting). I believe as-is, it's taking about 400hp to push the car to 175.

Most of the open road race cars have no significant downforce and are just hauling ass on the straights to put up and average in the 175mph range. My hope is to get to a faster time without being faster than the rest on the straights.