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Built in Slough, United Kingdom, the 58th state of USA
Comes just after befuddled state! :laugh:

Give Joey a break, he did say Ford GT, where was the 05 year GT built and where is the current GT being built?
Hard to go past the MK1 though:thumbsup:
Cheers, Gus.

Ahhh should have looked at the link first.......
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Eeeek, Guys, Im doing a show about the 2005/2006 with old drivers and footage for historical purposes and for fun. In a world that is entering WWIII , Lets take a breathe enjoy and smell the leaded petrol!
Now sit back and enjoy, it will be streamed world wide after the 6 shows in Nov. on mavtv.
We have episodes with Gary Bartlett and his MARKIII, Jim Glickenhause and his MarkIV. Brian Redman talking about his GT40 days........
All in fun...
Its either GTJOEY'S show or more ISIS reports.
Pick one....
All in fun!
The MAV TV promo is out on you tube.....look at Gays WONDERFUL markIII and Jims unreal MarkIV
Neat stuff get ready.....
1964 Ford GT Anglo American -1962 Mustang 1 Roy Lunn; Lola GT MKIV Eric Broadley
1965 Ford GT American Anglo first win Daytona - GT/103 GT/104
1965 Ford GT American Anglo GT/106 GT/107 Big blocks
1966 Ford GT40 MKII New Zealand American Anglo 1966 Le Mans winners GT40P/1046
1967 Ford GT MKIV American J-5 Le Mans winner
1968 Ford GT40 Anglo American GT40P/1075 Le Mans winner
1969 Ford GT40 Anglo American GT40P/1075 Le Mans winner
Regards Allan
Your not the first to think that.
This series is all about the 2005/2006 Ford GT and the Ford teams that built it. Also the owners as well. We spiced it up with people and cars from the G40'S days as well.
Brian Redman
Jim Glickenhause
Bill Warner and many more.
The NEW GT is not in this as the new car was announced after our filming.
Its really a different cat.
I love all the GT's but the 05/06 was a special never to be built again car.
Best of old and new.
Enjoy it my friends.
Just watched Joseph's last episode.. The one with featuring Jim Glickenhaus' beautiful '67 MIV.. incredible.. !!
I thought I knew plenty about the GT40 program- but thanks to Joseph and JG- I learned priceless nuggets-
Such as:
1- The genesis of the GT40 program wasn't as black/white as Enzo reneging on the Ford acquisition of Ferrari- That a deal was actually struck- for 18 million USD.. and that the race program would be called Ferrari/Ford and the road cars would be called Ford/Ferrari.. and that the deal breaker was that Enzo wanted FULL/100% control of the race program, even state-side, including Daytona, Sebring and Indy.. and that Carroll Shelby refused to play 2nd fiddle to him..
2- That it was The Deuces' 2nd wife riling him up to start the whole GT40 program while on holiday in France, visiting Lemans- by saying " a Ford can never beat a Ferrari"..
3- That JUST the MiV program alone cost $72 mm USD, equivalent to 1B USD today.
4- and that CS solved the thermal-shock induced shattering brake rotor problem by venting already warm air from the radiator to cool the brakes after a 220mph run down Mulsanne straight, yet not thermal shock and shatter the rotors.. ( probably was Phil Remington's idea actually)..
Just great stuff- thanks again to our GTJoseph and Jim Glickenhaus for the education...