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Rick Muck- Mark IV

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The local library had FORD v FERRARI by John Starkey on the new releases shelf so out came the card I took it home. Interesting but I'm glad is was free. A MK I identified as a "MK III" and the famous color photo of the seven MK I street coupes at FAV just before they shipped to the US is identified as "The seven MK III cars". Many photos seen before but a few that I have not seen. Interesting is a Ford internal memo regarding John Mecom and LGT/3 that slipped from Ford's hands and the negotiations to recover the car.

All in some entertainment but honestly I wouldn't have spent my own money for it. Seems to an effort to trade on the film interest for sales.
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Stephen Ducker

Hi Rick,

Yes you are right, that memo is one of the highlights.
I've taken the liberty of cutting & pasting the bit below that I posted on another thread recently.

Kind regards Steve

[[ I have just about all the books on these cars. If I could only have a couple they would be ones by Ronnie Spain and John S Allen (John & Gordon Jones, in the case of 'The Ford That Beat Ferrari') (now on its 3rd edition)

This Christmas I received a new book 'Ford versus Ferrari' The battle for supremacy at Le Mans 1966, published by Veloce.
Probably published on the back of the recent, entertaining, but inaccurate film of the same name. (known as Le Mans 66 in UK cinemas)
I've only skip read it so far but, it jumps about ie., talking of Allan Mann Escorts in reference to the 1966 season. A whole two years before the Escort was launched....
The picture of a German Taunus rally car, is described as a Cortina run by Ford UK....
Chassis number GT40P/1088 'today' is pictured? I'm sure it's actually Ford UK's GT40P/1008 during the period when it was in Gulf colours, many years ago. '1008 has been mocked up as the 1966 Le Mans winner for an even longer period now.........
Mirage pictured described as a GT40...
Several MK3's pictured that are Mk1 road cars....

The authors that are well known, are well known & respected for a reason ! ]]
I was sent a copy of this book to review and identified a mass of errors (many more than listed above) on just a casual flick through. I pointed out these errors to Veloce who were going to review them and deal with them accordingly, it doesn't sound as if they have done anything!

I don't like giving books bad reviews but I wouldn't buy this one.



Stephen Ducker

Hello Graham

You're right mate, plenty more in the text. I have received three other new books this Christmas, so as you might well imagine, this one has gone to the bottom of the pile !

Best regards Steve