Formula Junior..Volopini replica

I have a rule, one project at a time! but there is a clause subsection 1 that I can plan and acquire parts for the next build...SO.

The plan is to build a visual replica of an early 60`s Volopini formula Junior....cause I can. They are a really nice looking little car that should be a lot of fun. My friend has a genuine original one that i will model it on with a few mechanical concessions to today`s availability of parts. Originally the cars were designed around standard production components readily available to keep the cost down. Do a search of Formula Junior as its good reading.
Some of these cars were live axel, some were front wheel drive, some had independent suspension all round, there were literally hundreds of manufacturers with all sorts of ideas.
The original Volopini was Fiat based and I will run a 4K Toyota 4 speed, MX5 front and rear suspension components including Vis LSD.
The diff. centre is offset to allow the driver to sit lower in the chassis and you can see from my mock of of the rear, that its going to be a squeeze.
The chassis will be a tube frame with a larger bottom rail as per the origional. I will keep updating as I collect more bits but no steel to be cut until Mclaren number 3 is out the door.
It should be fun.


Rear axel set up.
I have set up the various components roughly as they will be in the car, the off set means outside to diff center drivers side is 900mm and the other side is 580mm. Basically you sit low in front of the axel and beside the diff head.
I will try and use the standard suspension arms otherwise it may need a custom upper arm fabricated.