Found a Transaxel in the UK, Any Trusted GT40 Member Want To Help Out?


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Not sure where best to post this. I found a transaxel I am interested in purchasing located in Scotland, but barring a flight overseas, being in Canada I can't check it out myself. I'm also a careful person and would like to know what I'm buying is what the guy says it is. Are there any trustworthy forum members with good reputations located in Scotland (that are well versed in transaxels) that want to help out a Canadian and act as an intermediary in the deal? I pay you, you check it out, and if it all looks good, buy it with my money and have it shipped to me. I'm sure most of you know that aside from the engine, the gearbox is the most expensive thing on the car so I don't want to take any chances. I thought this forum would be the best place to ask. Reading the feedback section there have been many that have been scammed or screwed over, and I'd like to avoid it, having just this week decided it's time to start getting a car together, or at least chipping away at getting the parts I need.


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Hmm...definitely some similarities. He also said he was ok if someone came and inspected the tranny and acted as an intermediary, but if he's a scammer like the other post showed, then I'm out of luck. I think the dead give away was that he used the exact same sentence " I don't use paypal anymore and I'm not interested to use this service ever." when i suggested paypal. Certainly not worth the hassle if the guy decides to just stop communicating if I was able to set up a deal. FYI to all he is using the name "dino" now. I suppose if it's too good to be true...

Thanks for that.

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It is probably the same scammer that I had checked on. The people on this forum are great people to listen to. Walk away with your money in hand.

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Gave me the address
55 E Church St
AB56 1AB
Hmmm...gotta be a scam right? Yours was a Ricardo right Brian? I actually talked to RPM transmission the other day because they are the only place that services them. I was told that as of this year they no longer service them because you can't get parts anymore. So I dont think its worth buying givin the fact that if it breaks, I'm outta luck.

Brian Kissel

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Yes Sean, mine was a Ricardo that I was looking at. I would google earth this guys address. I'm relatively sure it is the same scam, and possibly the same guy. There are still new Ricardos out there, and used parts also. There were a lot of GT's that were crashed by less than professional drivers with very low miles.

Best of luck with your decision.


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Asked him for his phone number. He disappeared and stopped responding after that. Too bad. Would have reported him to the police

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Blimey! The CO-Op doing Trannies now? :laugh:

Looks the same or similar to the one we wound up a couple of years ago (I think David Morton set up a "deal" with him to expose him). Seriously though, a ZF for £2,100? Not even a believable scammer. That photograph has been used many times and i think we discovered previously that this guy is not even in the UK but most likely the Netherlands or similar.

It got so bad up there that we sent 'Big Ian Anderson' up North to sort them all out. :thumbsup:

Yes they invariably choose Scotland because it is not over populated, and most of the potential buyers are in England or overseas.

Can you imagine though, he only needs 3 or 4 of these a month and he's got a serious business going. His best ally is our overwhelming desire to land a bargain I'm afraid. If it looks too good to be true - it ain't true.

It's a pity we can't track the bastard down 'cos I reckon it's the same guy. Modus Operandi and all that.... :veryangry: