Frank's KVA Build

thats a lot of work to re-organize Frank :D
but a nice big space to work with the car. (though its a bit cold now in NL)
Dalton it's a 12v carwinch so i put a battery with a special charger.

Rene i've been sorting it out for about a year now ,still not finished
luckely i've got a big heater so inside there's no ice (only in the freezer)
Hi Frank,

How do register such a car in Holland?
I am considering on buying a gt40 from 1994 but I am afraid that it wont be so easy to imort it to Holland.
Any tips please?
A New year , A fresh start

Everybody The best wishes a healthy and productive new year.

I'm strating the new year with a fresh start.
Had some days off so started to work on the garage again this time my kids and nephew helped out a bit.
First it was a lot of work just to empty the garage .
Then fixed the floor and putt some paint on the walls, but the result is nice.


Nice 1 Frank...lovely to see you getting up & running again...been trying to get my floor done for put me to shame..all the best for 2012 & see you soon.
Good to see you back at it. Very nice garage space you have there.
I am looking forward to more on your build.
Happy New Year
Thanks Phil,
THE space is THE reason we bought this house but ive been to Busy to clean it up
I fixed the connections to THE blastingcabinet today ,so THE machinepark is amost ready.
I'm going to the lmc
At the moment i'm looking at the different prices by ordering direct at le mans or through the gt40 enthusiasts club
Yes started on the gt again after almost three years .
first had to look where to start again but i Know again
First start with getting the wheels square and than checking the body fittings (found out to late that the body wasn't straight on the chassis.


Frank, That front panaling turned out OK...looks it fully removable...nice to see you back in action... it can,t be 3 years since I was last at your place...will bring the 6 barrel Alpine down one Sat.
Cheers Eddie.
Yes Eddie,
Time goes fast
about the panneling I'm not sure yet thinking about two options
-welding it together to be sure to get a watertight result (without the use of any kind of kit)
-welding alu corners to one side and using rivets or screws and kit at the other side
looking forward to seeing you here with youre alpine
cheers frank