FS USA FREE: Floor Standing Blast Cabinet

Alan Watkins

Lifetime Supporter
I just ordered a mill and have to make room. The machine with the worst ratio of recent usage to foot print is my beloved Harbor Freight 42202 Sand Blast Cabinet:
blast cabinet.jpg

see Sand Blasting Cabinet

This comes with several buckets of abrasive: some glass beads, some plastic media, some (IIIRC) 60 grit aluminum oxide.

So if you hooked it up to a reasonably size compressor (at least 10CFM) you'd be making old stuff look new in no time (I find sand blasting quite fun, seriously)

Price: $0.00.

Here's the hitch: you need to come get it; I can't, or won't, ship it. I live about 30 min. north of San Diego, a couple miles off I-5. It's not particularly heavy. The largest object is the box itself without the funnel part, about 3 x 2 x 2, so would fit only in the largest trunks.

If you want it, send me an e-mail by clicking on my name above my Mk IV Avatar (I turned off PMs cuz I hate PMs).