Freidman photo collection online

Dave Friedman's collection was acquired by Ford a few years ago. I had communicated with Dave in an attempt to buy some photos of the GT40s. I just happened to follow up to find that some of the collection is now on flicker.

Here is a link to galleries of his photos...some good stuff here:

Collection: Dave Friedman collection, 1946-2009

Sorry if this has already been posted.

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OMG. Thanks for posting the link, this is brilliant!

As soon as I get home I'm going to pour a beer and spend all evening looking through these excellent photo's!
Mark...i did exactly that last night......had a refreshing drink...a cigar. then watched a relaxing slide show.....fantastic:thumbsup:
I hope they keep loading them up...I contacted them when the collection first was acuired and asked them about soecific prints. They said I would have to pay something like $35 per hour to have soemone search for a photo that I would describe. They would then sell me a copy of the photo. This will make it much easier....I hope.