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I have been at this forum a while (2006) but never introduced myself. For me it started because I wanted a AC Cobra. So I followed some years when a saw the GT. I knew then I had to get one someday. I live in Norway so both the tax and the rules for replica cars make this almost impossible. But the years past and I got some ideas how to do this. Now I got the car and it has got a title here in Norway with a lot of help from this forum (by Pat, Professor Plumpe, Ian Anderson, Ron Paris, Ron R, jac mac, 40 Bud, Howard Jones) and CAV( by Jordi Reddy). Also I did make a homepage if you want to see the car and its story.

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks !
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Congratulations on getting your car road legal!

Your blog is good too, and over 1000 e mails to the authorities, just goes to show the passion we all feel for these cars.

Time now to get out and drive the car and report back on n your thoughts

Thanks Ian!

It was your answer that solved my hole problem in the end. I brought this to the authorities. Always good to know a little history :) Thanks again.

I refer to this:

The Original CAV bought the right to make GTD Chassis and bodies and call them CAV.

That company went bust - and I am sure if you search the archives here you can read all about it (Probably 2003 to 2005 era)

After that the current CAV cars came into being - they are the stainless Mono ones

Now again I am scratching the grey matter here but from memory the new CAV bought the old CAV outfit from the receivers and had old chassis etc in production at the time of takeover and you may have one of these - badged by the new company but in reality a GTD type continuation

I would suggest speaking or e mailing Jean in the South African factory and he may be able to assist

Good memory I have here is a thread on the Original CAV liquidation
CAV In provisional Liquidation

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