Front License Plate / Tag mounts - Requirements

Randy V

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I've seen some beautiful GT40s out there and am curious what the rules/laws are regarding the display of front license plates.

I was not able to find a thread here that outlined the requirements and thought this might be a good topic to get people to post on.

What Country / State / Municipality are you in and what are the laws or guidelines you are "supposed" to follow.

USA - Minnesota;
Vehicles that are registered as Collector and Vintage do not need to display a front license plate. Rear license plates are (NOT) optional. If your car is not registered as one of these two, you must install the front license plate with nothing in front of it (they even shun clear covers).

Registration is another issue and probably best left to another thread as there are really some peculiarities in how one should go about registering a home built or replica automobile.

One thing is for sure - even if I am not successful in securing registration as a Collector or Vintage car - I won't complain as much about the front tag as I used to. I've seen some VERY nice British owned cars with a huge TAG BANNER plastered to the top of the nose. Spoils the look and lines of the cars to me... :(

Show us your TAGS and your MOUNTS please!
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WA has the same plate law as MN, but not much enforcement if you look like a 'collector' vehicle. The cobra guys out here and in OR say no problem unless you get stopped for another infraction. Couldn't bring myself to destroy the nose with a plate.

Randy, I'm in Maryland - I simply place mine on the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle. The cops don't seem to mind.

If stopped, I'll simply tell them that it fell off!



Ian Anderson

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I wish it was that easy in the UK
1) You have to have a fron number plate of a set size
2) Said number plate is supposed to be vertical (Try and find somewhere to mount that on the from of a GT40!)
3) The Number plate can no longer be a "reflective Sticker" it has to be plastic and show the manufacturers mark (to stop copy cat plates)

So most UK cars have a plate stuck on the nose in front of the nostril pannel not vertical but as good as possible - not pretty but needs must

I have also seen ones inside the radiator opening at various angles including one on very flimsy ali brackets that fold flat in the "breeze"

I also like the idea of one top hinged and thus "hanging" - at stop it is visible in the radiator intake but once moving again the ait "pushes" it out the way

In Ontario, we are required to have both front and back license plates, however, right next door in Quebec, they only need rear license plates. It's inconsistent in Canada :(

Perhaps one could suggest to their respective governments the cost savings that result from not having to stamp all that metal, think how many monocoques you could build then... :)
In Michigan no front plate - rear plate must be attached to the vehicle in the location provided by the manufacturer and have a working light.

Charlie M

MA requires two plates but enforcement is random. A lot of the Cobra guys here only use a rear plate.

To cut costs, the State only issued a single plate from 1977 to 1987 but went back to two plates in 1988. I still have one of the single plates on my DD. I hope to transfer that tag to the GT40 when it's done.



Much like John in Maryland, a pal of mine in the UK used to keep a scratched up front plate in the boot of his Cobra. He was only stopped once in five years and the explanation "it just fell off" and that he was on his way home to attach it, seemed to satisfy the officer!:laugh: