Fuel Bladder Replacement (CAV)

Ugh...got a leak in passenger side bladder. Need to disconnect, remove and replace it..and seal things back up. I've searched this site and didn't find a thread on point for the steps to do this. It's going to be a pain. I can tell that. Suspension will have to come off to allow space. I've seen info on here about sources for a new bladder...doesn't seem like I need to buy from CAV. Once I get it out it will be easy (I think) to buy a suitable one. This project kinda scares me. Advice, instructions and pics appreciated.
consider the alloy tank option as Frank has suggested, the ethanol content in modern roadside fuels is destroying rubber and nitrile rubber fuel lines, it may be your bladder tank leak is due to this ethanol fuel attack.
Check with the tank manufacture that the tank is suitable for roadside fuel, race fuel is ethanol free so fuel lines are unaffected ,race fuel is £5.00 a litre in the UK!
In any future builds I may undertake I will only use alloy tanks, as much hard line fuel line as poss with minimal braided flex hose(only TEFLON lined).
see my recent post on life of aeroquip hose.


I've had mine in and out a half dozen times. It's a pain but not that difficult. I had the cell rebuilt at Floats and Fuel Cells in Memphis. It's far cheaper than a new one. Also, I think you want to retain a bladder in the tank in case you are ever in an accident. I wouldn't trust metal tanks that long not to rupture. If you need the steps to remove the thing, give me a PM and I'll give you my number.
Rob, Pat's the man for tank R&R on a CAV. I know who I'm calling should I confront this issue! Pat you've been warned. :thumbsup:

Please let us know what you decide to do regarding tank replacement......metal tanks, full replacement or rebuilds. Frank Catt, I'd also like to hear your thoughts, prices etc on the metal conversion tanks too.

This ethanol issue is one we're going to have to live with so I've been trying to use the additive STARTRON which I hear good things about. So far so good but my CAV only has about 5500 on it. How many miles on yours Rob?

Damn shame regardless.
Thanks for the link to the fuel hose article, everyone running our type of cars should read this and replace/upgrade their fuel systems without delay,
Frank those look sweet. I'm assuming those are being slotted into a CAV? Looks like a CAV chassis. How much? Thanks
When you have taken out your tanks, drill a couple of holes in the lower sill panel in line with the clips on the flexi water pipe connecting hose, very handy if you have a leak here just to retighten the clips through these access holes.
The CAV I built in 06/07 came with alloy tanks in the package, the current owner is ok with the alloy tanks and has retightened the water hose clips via the above access holes,
John - I just had the wonderful experience of going in to replace the part where the metal line and flexihose connect. The original clamp was rusty and looked too tight and cut through the hose resulting in drip drip in the cabin. All fixed, but will add the access hole with cover as part of the fuel cell project...which I am still researching in terms of repair or replace (and replace with what).
See my new post under FEEDBACK below regarding the new custom alum fuel tanks from Frank Catt in the UK. I'm buying and looking for others to do the same to incent Frank to do a run of them and pass the savings on to us!
Hi Rob,

how did you manage your problem on your car? I seem to have the same problem on my 2008 CAVGT (which I bought this summer). I have just been told by my mechanic that at least one of my bladders is leaking (which caused the bad smell in my garage). I am trying to order a new pair from Jordi (CAV) but what if the same problem occurs again or would you know whether they changed the material in the meantime?




Thomas, if it was the right side, I'd pull the cell and have it repaired at an aircraft fuel cell repair facility. That will be a fraction the cost of a new one. When I had it done, the repair was better than new.
I'm overdue on reporting on my CAV fuel cell replacement. I have car 104. The original bladders were manufactured by Buck Rogers Aviation in South Africa. The passenger side developed two small leaks...one at the seam near the front lower edge and one where the front vent nipple attaches to the bladder. I sent the tank to an aviation fuel cell repair establishment in TN. They said they could not get their repair material/sealant to adhere to the bladder surface. In the end I had two new tanks fabricated...both driver and passenger side...by Fuel Safe Systems in Redmond, OR (contact Drew Barney at 541-923-6005 [email protected]). Very professional job including a set of CAD drawings provided with the tanks. The passenger (i.e. right) side is in the car now and it fits/works perfectly. The bladder material is thicker, much more robust, but still rubbery/plastic and thus pliable enough to give in case of an accident. I had a couple of very minor suggestions for Fuel Safe to help with the install but that's it. Pat Chaffin (on this site) had his cells made there too. Bladders don't last forever (although these look like they might), so Fuel Safe is a vendor for you to consider. They could fabricate bladders for other cars, too. To be extra certain, I suggest sending them your leaky bladder, as I did. A pic of the old right black bladder and the new yellowish left bladder (the other is in the car) is attached. PS: Not cheap ($1900 a side) but these are still kind of "handmade/custom" - if they can make more the price will go down.