fuel line

Mike Pass


There are two. See pic.

Pump from tank A running - prevents fuel going back through into tank B
Pump from tank B running - prevents fuel going back through into tank A
GTDs have a switch on the dashboard for left pump, right pump and centre OFF.


The fuel line of my gtd40 is connected from two fuel pumps to a three-pronged triangle, through one filter and to the carburetor.
I'm scared because it smells like gasoline because it is connected with a rubber hose. I want to know the correct connection method.

Mike Pass

Modern fuel contains ethanol which will degrade rubber and older fuel hoses which will crack and leak. Replace all fuel hoses especially on the pressure side with ethanol resistance hose.

Ian Anderson

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Early GTD cars tended to use Facit Red top fuel pumps.
Early pumps had a non return valve built into the pump, later ones did not.
Best thing would be to fit the non return valves, they do not cost much And it will give you piece of mind And if every you replace the pump you know you are safe.

Fuel pipe routing would be.
Fuel tank to fuel pump to non return valve to filter and pressure regulator to Y piece to carburettor.
And the same for the other tank,
So two pumps, two non return valves, two filters and one Y junction.
That way if one side fails you can still get home by us g th either tank!

There are other ways, but the above is the most usual.

There has been a lot of developments to the original GTD fuel system, both for improved performance and safety. The original basic design was found to have a lot of issues when used for racing or higher performance cars, and these are constantly being reviewed and developed. Frank