G86/20 Boxster 6 speed looking for info

Over at "renegade hybrids" they've swapped an LS7 for the boxster S engine and from the videos they posted.... looks like they've really put it through its paces. I saw this car in person too. Really cool! LS7 is 500 horsepower. They said the transaxle is unmodified.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vkENe0nejo]LS V8 Boxster Conversion From Renegade Hybrids! - YouTube[/ame]
So if I were to put a first gen Boxster S trans behind a 425 crank HP LS based engine, into an SLC, everything would (1) line up and (2) be reliable enough for a few track days per year? I'm not a drag racer or do 5000rpm clutch drops, but I do like a car that can accelerate quite quickly!
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Justin, i'm running an 012 or G86 5 speed behind a 400hp LS1 and don't forsee any major issues, the car is a F5000 weight around the 500kg and like you it will get driven reasonably quickly, but its not a drag car,

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According to the local Porsche dealer mechanic the early 5-speeds are not all that strong. He races a Boxster and keeps a spare available at all times. The 6-speed is a different transmission and seems to be much stronger. He says the only issue they have is with the synchronizers on second gear.
this info is good to know because right now my project has an Audi ABZ 4.2 with the 012 1 more ? did they change the bellhousing pattern or did it stay the same from the 012 5 speed trans to the G86/20 6 speed
Boxster 6 speed G86-20

Gear solution. This is a great trans: strong, common and cheap. Except for the gear ratio problems. There are 2 problems really. The ratios are too close together. This can be easily solved by skipping gears. The more serious is freeway rpm. The stock 3.44 ring and .84 6th turn an unacceptable 2912 rpm at 75 mph (25'' tire). The new Albins .63 6th lowers that into a nice 2184 rpm. The gap between the stock 5th and .63 6th becomes larger but with with a good hp/lb ratio this is not a problem. The gear set is $995 and is sold by Transform at [email protected]. Regards, Jeff Archibald
Just to clarify, does the earlier 5-speed have a different designation than the later 6-speed? In other words, the earlier 5-speed is a g86 and the later is ??? Is either one of these alternatively called an 012 or 01E??

One related questions, does the boxster transaxle (early or late) have the same bellhousing pattern as an 016??

Thanks in advance for any help.
I think the 5-speed and 6-speed Boxster transmissions have different numbers but am not sure what they are. The 012 is very similar to the the Boxster 5-speed. The 01E is a different transmission but has the same bellhousing holes. The 016 bellhousing is close to the others but a couple of holes are different and the aligning sleeves are in different holes.
I can help answer question on this one if you would like.

The boxster 5 speed and 6 speed are completely different gearboxes. The six speed is a pretty decent gearbox and is showing to be able to handle quite a bit more hp and torque then previously thought. There are some weaknesses in the gearing ratio, which can be addressed, as well as the second gear synchro which can also be addressed.

Send me a PM and I will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Happy to help.

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The 5 speed boxster gearbox = Audi 012. They are pretty weak, the widest gears are 3.8 of an inch thick, and the shafts tend to flex resulting in stripped third gears.

The 6 speed porsche boxster gearbox is very similar to the 0A2 gearbox used in a number of gearboxes in various Audi/Seat cars in Europe. It's much stronger but has issues of it's own.
I recently bought the trans adapter and clutch package from kennedy engineering products. It only works with a 2000-2004 boxster s 6 speed manual transmissions ie the 3.2 liter cars. Nice piece of billet aluminum! That's where renegade gets their adapters from too.

Im digging up an old post but what are the issues with the 02A?

can the 02A also benefit from the 2nd gear mods?
02A gearboxes are early transverse VW. 0A2 is the later transmission and are decent but have their own sets of issues.