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David Morton

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Has anybody in the UK got, or had a garage built recently, or know of somebody who has one, by a company called English Heritage Buildings, and if so your opinion is solicited as to their quality and value for money.
Dave M
Compton portable buildings did a 28ft X 11ft sectional one for me. Brilliant. Did the base with a few mates and two guys built it in 3 hours a week later. Can`t fault the service. Total including base £5300.


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Don't Heritage make the oak framed buildings you often see advertised in the back of Motorsport and other simialr mags? I compared these to what I eventually built but had to reject them due to the cost being beyond the budget for the size garage I wanted. However much more attractive than what I ended up with! Within reason, you get what you pay for in construction, just keep a close eye on the work and stick to your goal.
Hello - stumbled upon this forum thread on Google as I'm also looking to get a oak garage from The Classic Barn Company.

If anybody has used them before I'd be grateful for your feedback.