Gardner Douglas T70 hits the road!

the coming weekend will be very cold overhere Thomas...
not so good, coming monday there will be a trackday at Assen ( via DF) and the temps could be around freezing and -5 during the night (not good) .

Did you get it through the aproval for Dutch roads and APK?

Dave Wood

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Great job! Always liked the T70, had a slot car bodied that way...also had a 289 Cobra bodied one. As a Ford guy, it was always disappointing to see them all powered by Chebby engines. Sure do miss Can Am racing, classic american muscle motors in light weight race cars.
Thanks Mike!

Indeed it's raining Cats' and dogs overe here, I was lucky enough to be able to drive a few kilometers on wednesday eve, just after aproval.
It flew through by the way exept for misging a 3rd brake light, which they didn't complain About at import but is an issue at MOT. So I ducktaped a trailer light to the rollbar and it was fine.

Dave I haar you man, they should bring back to things, the Camel Trophy and Cam-Am racing, in it's former glory without FIA money involved.

Grtz Thomas
WOW looks fantastic build quality seems prime time. Have fun and I look forward to seeing the build thread and pictures of you on the road with it. Richard
Ha yes been quite a while since i've been on here.

As some night now I had a big crash in the car but got out unharmed, (very safe chassis) in the mean time I took the hard decision to sell the remains abroad, and I have since bought a restoration project of Andy and Meena at GD so I now OWN my second Gardner Douglas, a 427 Euro Cobra. Which is now converted to LHD. Hope it is ready for Le Mans 24h this Year. I really hated taling the company tin-top last year.

I do plan however to build someting new again some day.

Grtz Thomas