G’day from Downunder

Hi All
Just wanted to introduce myself and say G’day to all.
I have been lurking on the forum for a while now as an interested party.
I am now the proud new owner of a GT40 project DRB#97.:thumbsup:
G,day Kyle

Good to see an another Ozzie on site. I have a DRB registered in NSW since 2009, still love driving it. Where are you? Plenty of gt40s spread around and plenty of good advice available both here on the forum and locally.
Look forward to seeing some picks and history on your car.

G’day Darrell.
And thanks to all for the welcoming messages. :thumbsup:
Based down in Melbourne.
Car is in transit from Cairns as we speak.
It was initially being built by the previous owner to be Electric powered but circumstances had changed and he was unable to complete it.
If I can load some pics you will see I will need to reverse some previous work so it then looks as it should.
All of the electric drive components have been removed and I’m just trying to work out which way I’m going to go with it.
I’m thinking Coyote and G50/..
The wheels will definitely not be staying !!:shrug:
This build will have to wait a little while though as I need to finish my 66 GT Fastback that I’ve been working on... This thing came up and I couldn’t pass on it.


Hi Kyle - I saw this beauty on Gumtree recently. Admittedly I'd looked at it many times online and considered it's potential.

Hope you got a good buy, It looked reasonably priced.

Hi Kyle,

nice pick up on the project. hope you are getting stuck in.
I am in Melbourne as well - building.
inner eastern side. There is a few of us around building and a few going cars as well. i caught up with the "GT 40 Car Club Australia" the other week. there were 4 going cars that turned up. You can probably find them on face book.

G’day Ryan.
I’m on the other side of the west gate..
Will have to check out the GT40 car club.
I believe they are looking at doing some mutual events etc with the Cobra car club which would be fantastic!!