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Hi all

I just wanted to put a post up here to share my experience with dealing with Gelscoe Motorsports. Gelscoe have just finished producing a new steering column for me, steering wheel and early style boss (pictures below)

I'd like to say a big thankyou to Andy & Jon for their help with these parts. The customer service I received was second to none and they are two of the nicest and most skilled people I've met since my GT40 build started. Today after picking up my parts Jon was also kind enough to spend part of his day showing me round some of the many cars they have in thier workshop.

I'd urge anyone looking for top quality original style parts to put Gelscoe at the top of list of people to talk to.


Ron Earp

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Folks, this subforum is for feedback on various suppliers and vendors. It'd be best to start a thread in the pictures area for photos from events and discussion.

Thread split off.


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Yes as far as I know, still in business. They travel a lot with clients cars and are always busy so I would give them a bit of time to respond. Worth getting in touch with though as they have some great parts and can supply almost anything.

Same as John from my side: last year I sent them an email with prices inquiry and I'm still waiting their answer (there was for 30000$ of parts approximatly).

First time I sent an email but LAST TIME for me !!!!

Comparing with Superformance there's no debate: Superformance answers to all inquiries, delays are low and if errors they find solutions quickly.



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We have had massive issues with our IT system at HQ... if you didn't get a reply then sorry.
Try getting back to us.