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Since we now have a list going of GT40 related vendors and service providers with questionable ethics and practices, I thought it might be equally helpful to have a list of those vendors and craftsman who have provided exemplary service to the GT40 Community. I know that it is said that virtue is its own reward, but a pat on the back and a kind word aren't bad either. So, if you have had a vendor or services provider who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, show your appreciation, helping them and your fellow enthusiasts, by posting their name and contact info, if you have it, and a description of what they did to earn your respect.


GT Supercars LLC John Hester & Gordon Kinney
1064 West 5th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212
Email:[email protected]

I must say that John Hester (and through guilt by association, Gordon Kinney, I am sure) has been one of the most standup guys I have dealt with in the three years I have been building my eclectic GT40 replica. He has stood behind every thing he has done and/or sent me 150%. The latest example of this is a set of doors I purchased from him. I think these were one of, if not the, first set of doors he has put together from his extensively reworked molds. Being such, and not surprisingly since the doors are the most problematic parts on a GT40, there was a bit of an issue with fitment. John is laying up another set of door components and has offered to come to Raleigh and assemble them in my car to assure an exact fit of the finished product.

This is only the latest in a series of services and parts John has supplied to me. In all cases, the deal was not considered as complete until I was completely satisfied with what I had received. With John, customer satisfaction is job one, a rare quality in this day and age. Thank you, John Hester!

I am new here and think this is could be a particularly helpful topic. I do not own a GT-40 replica of any sort, however, I have set it as my personal reward for when I finish my education. I would also appreciate knowing who is trustworthy and who is more than avoidable with my hard-earned money.

Mahalo to everyone who replies.
I'll chime in here for Robert Logan and his crew at Roaring Forties, along with Gordon Levy, his US dealer. Even though I bought my kit second-hand, and not directly through Robert or Gordon Levy, they have been very helpful to me. For example, I have decided to go with Gulf flares and wider rear wheels. Robert is arranging to have BRM replicas custom cast for my application, and Gordon has hooked me up with a guy in Phoenix who will finish these wheels to a high standard. We have arranged an equitable trade of my existing wheels for the new wheels and the Gulf flares. Robert and Gordon's presence on this forum demonstrates their commitment to taking care of their customers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the most important attribute of a replica manufacturer is their ability to deliver. In this regard, Robert and Gordon are at the top of the heap.


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Just got back with two Mark I bodies that Fran and I purchased from Chris Melia. In addition to being a great host during our stay in England, I can't say enough about the beautiful glass work he's offering. We bought both a lightweight and a standard body and the gel coat is so good that with a little polish these will make great cars, and will save painting costs. The fit and finish are first rate, don't hesitate to contact Chris if your looking for nice stuff. Thanks again Chris for yours and your wife's hospitality, we had a great time.
Very happy with Mark Sibley and his company MDA here in the U.K which is a GT40 replica manufacturer. Mark used to work for GTD long before it all went bad.

Very professional etc. Will be racing the car this year at most of GTD club events.





Good call Lyn . A measure of stature here in Qld.Aus. is by the size of your 10 gallon hat and I tip that to Denis of DRB and Peter of GT40 Australia a combo of character, professional engineering and thorough gentlemen!
P.S. this is DRB territory and we're ready for fun!!

Jim Rosenthal

I bought my ZF transaxle from Marino Perna, MAP Enterprises, St Petersburg, FL. They are a Pantera specialty company, great guy, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He also had some good things to say about Armando Rodriguez at AR Oil Pans, in California; will post something when I get the oil pan.
I would add to this list MIKE COATS. Lynn put me in touch with Mike and I ordered to sets of rear Oval panels (1 set for Bud Jones). His quality is fantastic and his price is cheaper than any of the manufacturers on this Forum.

I would highly recommend him,,,thanks to Lynn

Howard Jones

Mark Sibley, He was very helpful when I had a renault gearbox issue, He spent a lot of time with e-mails back and forth along with pictures trying to help me. I didn't even buy anything from him. Good guy.