Good article on the Originals - Including the "failed" MKIII


Regarding the yellow car in that article- John mentioned that they (JWA) had cut off its roof twice!

Larry L.

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I seem to recall a silver or gray MKIII that had right hand drive featured in a 'photo ad' which showed a young lady wearing a full length dress who supposedly was about to get into the car on the 'passenger' (left) side.
That gave rise to me believing, until I saw the photo of the MKIII in the above article, that all the MKIIIs were right hand drive 'same as the race versions.
Live and learn!
Larry I got some of my info from Ronnie Spains "GT40"
GT40 M3 /1101 LHD PROTOTYPE GT40 M3/1106 LHD
GT40 M3 /1102 RHD PROTOTYPE GT40 M3/1107 LHD
GT40 M3 /1103 RHD
GT40 M3 /1104 LHD
GT40 M3 /1105 LHD