Good news for AZ, MO and NY

Just saw this in the latest Street Rodder:

MO & NY - new Pro-Hobbyist Street Rod/Custom Vehicles
Bill Introduced:

HB 283 (MO) and SB 615 (NY) have these points:
- a street rod is defined as an altered vehicle
manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an
altered vehicle manufactured after 1948
- the bills provide specific registration classes
and license plates for street rods and customs
- it exempts street rods and customs from periodic
vehicle and emissions inspections
- provides that a replica vehicle will be assigned
the same model year designation as the production
vehicle it most closely resembles and allows
the use of non-original materials
- exempts street rods and custom vehicles from
a range of standard equipment requirements

AZ - Emissions Inspection Exemption for Older Cars

HB 2387 provides a rolling 25 year exemption that
would exempt pre-'79 vehicles upon enactment and
would pick up an additional model year each year
the law is in effect.