Goodwood Easter Sprint

Glenn M

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Dusted off my Southern GT and headed down to Goodwoods own GRRC Easter Sprint on Easter Monday for some hydrocarbon fun.
Amazingly for a Spring bank holiday the rain held off and we had quite a pleasant day. In contrast to the same event last year which was cancelled due to planes being upside down all over the place from the winds the night before.
Both me and my far better half were driving which made for some lively driver and seat changes in the pit lane - one of us is slim and one of us is not so! No prizes for guessing which!
We had our best day ever as I came fifth overall (pesky Nissan GTR's!) from 75 entries and won the class but was completely, and happily, overshadowed by Tammy who won the fastest lady award! I was SO chuffed for her! And judging from her grin, I think she enjoyed herself!
Note that her bottle of bubbly is twice the size of mine! So unfair!


Jimmy P

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Great story and even better photos. I really enjoy seeing how owners drive their cars in such different ways. Admittedly, seeing one out on a track is my favorite. Well done to you both.

Glenn M

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Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

If she's going to keep winning, I'll happily build another wall Mick! I love to see her driving it hard and enjoying it so much.

Professor Plumpe

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Car looks stunning Glen. Your "racing family" is quite photogenic too. Nice to get your dearly beloved involved and they not only enjoy it, they positively thrive on it. I carted my, ahem, various wives along to support my racing activities in the '80's and '90's but alas, they hated it. One even cited my beloved Penske Camaro in the divorce petition, and the, er, boats (which were also universally hated).

So cruel they can be...

I have (had) a really nice silver Goodwood trophy from an AMOC meeting when I got FTD in my Pontiac Transam. Not a popular win as you can imagine. It was stolen in a burglary while I was in the USA, the buggers. Strangely, it was the only trophy with my name on it. Others, that were plain, were left behind. I always wondered about that.

Sorry for the thread drift. Congrats once again...

Glenn M

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Thanks Keith. I can just imagine the AMOC being really pleased with that! Would they mount a midnight raid though?? Depends just how much you displeased them I suppose.................. so yes! :laugh:

It is great that she is so actively involved and really wants to be there and it certainly makes the expenditure for the next go faster bits much more easy to get passed! In fact it has been mentioned that now that I have her car running as she likes it, I need to build myself another one now!