Goodwood Revival 2020 family trip


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Hello all,

We are thinking of visiting Goodwood Revival this year.

Are we aready too late for local hotel reservations? - via regular search it seems that there is not much left locally...!?

Any advice / tips on accommodations?

Also, what tickets to book, which granstand, access to paddock possible for "regular" humans?

I visitetd in 2013 - nowadays the ticket selection is overwhelming....:eek:

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Regards from Germany



Hi Markus
Been a few times, hotels as far as I know are pretty much "dead mans shoes" that time of year, its manic to stay round there and quite busy to drive in, its as great a event as ever though. Paddock I always had with our package, not sure you can get that as a separate entry, dress code to get in there as well (ties or in period dress).
Car park is a real treat!!
There are good places to watch so grandstand maybe not necessary unless you have young kids as it may be hard to see over the throng!!
Have fin

Stephen Ducker

Hello Markus,

The local hotels are probably all gone by now. ( Local being anything within approx. 30 minutes drive )

Anything will be expensive for this weekend ! There's the usual search sites like etc, which you have probably already tried. Also you could try Premier Inn or Travelodge (Premier Inn is better than Travelodge, in my experience). Both will typically have a reasonable car park & restaurant next door, but Premier Inn will usually have a better restaurant than Travelodge. (Book tables for your evening meals, it's always busy everywhere.)

The 'package' tickets are not any cheaper than buying everything individually, so don't buy the 'package' unless everyone wants their own programme. I would book 'admission only' & then add on grandstands as required, and one programme voucher.
('3 day pass' admission does get you a discount of £30 versus 'Fri. + Sat. + Sun' though.)

The inner paddocks are members only. Admission is by 2020 GRRC metal badge PLUS a cardboard Paddock swing badge, and smart dress. (So don't buy the cardboard swing badge from the ticket touts in the car park !)

I like Woodcote grandstand. Lavant corner is good but it is the opposite end of the circuit to the paddocks & startline, so a long walk or tractor ride. I had startline grandstand once, it's nice to see the cars lining up & parade laps etc, but during the race a bit disappointing as they fly past, you can't beat a corner for action.

Hope you can make it !
Regards Steve


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Hello Steve, Hello Shaun,

Thanks for your answers.

We finally got two nights at the Premier Inn (Thur-Sat) secured - on Saturday night / Sunday we travel back to Germany - school starts on Monday

On the weekend I will take care for the Goodwood tickets......

Out of curiosity I was looking for the date of one more item on my bucket list - the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

To my enjoyment it takes place two weeks before Goodwood - we now have a real summer trip :)

Does anybody have some tipps for the GDSF - hotel is already secured as well.

Looking forward to your response....


Glenn M

Hello Markus

IMHO the chicane grandstand is king. You can see the end of the Lavant straight, around Woodcote and up to and through the chicane. Plus there is a huge screen on the opposite side of the track which shows what's happening for the rest of the lap.

As Stephen says, the inner paddocks are members only, but you can be taken in as a guest if you know, or befriend one.

Just my 2p worth. It is a fab event, you will have a great time.



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Hello all,

I just purchased the tickes for Fri and Sat.

On Friday we took the roving grandstands (all grandstands including chicane), for Saturday we took the seated grandstand at Woodcote > on Saturday chicane is for members only......).

@ Glenn, now the only thing left is to "befriend" somebody to get access to the inner Paddocks ;) ....... from what I could figure out the 40's will be there.

Thanks for your help.

I just heard the revival got canceled for this year.

"Summer is normally an exciting time at Goodwood, as we welcome hundreds of thousands of guests to our headline events. Sadly that’s not to be this year, as we have had to take the decision not to hold the Festival of Speed and Revival in 2020. While we are giving everyone the option to roll their tickets over to 2021, or request a refund, I hope that as a valued member of the GRRC Fellowship you will consider becoming involved in a new initiative, by exchanging some of your existing 2020 ticket value for membership of the newly reinvigorated Goodwood Supporters’ Association (GSA)."


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Thanks for this information. This is very unfortunate, I was just looking the other day......:(

We have been really looking forward to this vacation trip. I was quite proud to go after tickets, hotels, ferry etc. early enough this year.....

Covid sucks.

I guess we will roll over to 2021.....