GoPro for Trailers?

Has anyone used something like a GoPro as a temporary backup camera for hooking up a trailer?

I was thinking the ability to transmit wirelessly to a phone might be useful as a backup camera and then it can be moved to the trailer to make sure the car is lined up with the ramps before driving on to the trailer.

My really silly idea is to use a drone to hover over the trailer and send live video to my phone. A small DJI drone costs slightly less than a GoPro 9.
Ahh I misread the first sentence you wrote.
You pointed me in the direction of looking for something made specifically for trailers. As much as I like the idea of getting a drone to use as a backup camera and to help me driving straight onto a trailer, I decided to get a wireless and cordless (wifi and battery powered) camera with a magnetic mount.

(it might also be useful for my wife when she's backing up a horse trailer into a narrow spot between other horse trailers)

I'll let you know how it works.
couldn't you just use any second smart phone and video call yourself?
some android based head units could probably be configured to use a Bluetooth web cam as well. I am looking at one for the daily driver at the moment and it certainly has video input and playback capability.

Sean Starkey

I had forgotten about this, but we used the one below at my work to watch sand falling in a hopper. It was surprisingly good video quality and just needed an app on your phone/ tablet. Doesn't have a magnet mount though.

I wired my standard wireless backup camera to the trailer parking light power. I just turn the parking lights on when I want to see in back.