Gordon Levy Racing

In the final evaluation of purchasing a GT40 either from CAV or Gordon Levy. Anyone have experience with Gordon and his company? Any comments on his workmanship? You can e-mail your comments to me at [email protected]
One of Gordons strongest assets is his knowledge of high performance autos. He is also a really good engine builder as well as builder of specialized performance vehicles. I have been to Robert Logans manufacturing operation and it is first class. He and Gordons dedication to supplying quality stuff and after sale support is excellent. Gordon was in the high performance business before he got involved with the RF40. I doubt you would be unhappy with either choice. As an owner and ex builder of GTD's I would seriously consider the RF40 if I were building another 40.
Gordon is a stand up guy and one hell of an engine builder.
The combo between he and RF is fantastic. I've purchased a RF from Robert and an engine from Gordon. I'm happy with both transactions.
Enjoy your new RF.
Gordon sold my FFR Cobra several years ago. I was trying to sell it in California with poor results. I drove it to Gordons place and he had it sold in two weeks. He was straightforward in his approach and honest.

Gordon recently (December 02) showed me a customers car RF40 and went out of his way to set up a meeting and demo ride on short notice. At this time I am only a tire kicker but when I have the cash I will go back and do business with Gordon.


Gordon has been almost an institution in the Cobra community for some time. He has an extraordinary reputation.

I was delighted to find him in the GT40 community ... doing much the same as he did with cobras ... providing the benefit of his knowledge to many folks.
I spoke with Robert Logan a couple of times before ever talking to Gordon. Robert directed me to go see Gordon as he had a finished RF in Arizona. I happened to mention Gordon's name to a friend of mine, turns out Gordon built his motor for his FF Cobra. Also helped him tune his suspension. He gave Gordon two thumbs up. After meeting Gordon, I think he's standup guy. I intend on having Gordon build my motor when the time comes.

By the way, pick up the latest issue of Grassroots Motorsports (Feb 2003). Big long article on tuning a Cobra using a Gordon preped machine. I think this ought to say something about the man.

Pat Barry
Being that I live in Australia I bought my car directly from Roaring Forties, and I can vouch for the product.

Having never built a "kit-car" before, I was attracted by the fact that I could buy all the components to complete the car from RF. I found that all components fit as they were supposed to, and if there was something that I couldn't figure for myself, Robert Logan was always happy to help.

Everyone who has come over to look at the car had commented on how high the standard of work is. Lately I've had a few friends look over the bodywork with advice on getting it painted. All made the same comment that it was the best fibreglass body that they had seen. From what I've seen of other RF40's mine is typical of the standard.
Hi Chuck,
I'm sorry I missed you when Gordon brought you over top see my car. I guess that says alot about what I think of Gordon. He treats my car well and he has always helped with my thousand and one questions about track setup and driving technique. I have
noticed that Gordon tries to make his customers happy as he believes customer service is the most important aspect of his business. My engine was built by him. It's a shear pleasure to drive that car with that engine. I have inspected many cars that he has built and I can say not one was a disappointment. In my opionion you will find nobody better to build a turnkey car, especially for the track.