got a # plate

This afternoon at 430 I put # plates on my 40.
This has been a 16-17mnth effort.

I picked up the wife and went for a 2 hr drive,it was great.
I dont think I will get used to how well it goes and how good this car sounds.
I have done about 800k track miles but I was suprised how nice it was on the street.

I would like to thank a few people for the effort they put in.
Trevor Booth ( a member on this site) he was my signatory engineer.
Trevor went beyond what was required to get this done, emails ,meetings with the RTA.
Thank you Trevor.

Roaring Forties
Paul at RF I would like to thank for helping with reports and engineering tests and calculations that were required through the process, Paul always put his hand up and took it on.
It should be noted that I purchased of the old RF, So the new RF has made no money out of me but still backed it up.
Thanks Paul

My wife for her patience.
I took her to the track earlier this week and she drove 3 sessions.

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Congratulations Jim, long time comming but I am sure it will be worth the wait. How about some pics of the finnished item.
Could not agree more regarding your comments about Trevor, he was my signatory engineer and as with your experience Trevor went beyound the contract for me during his "discusions" with the then RTA. I am certain if we looked up gentleman in a dictionary there would be a photo of Trevor.
On the wife front, my wife is in no way a motoring enthusiast but was fantastically tolerant of my build and even now tolerates the car being kept in the rumpus room, out with the pool table and in with the GT40.

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Congrats Jim! It appears to me that getting a GT40 replica titled, licensed, and on the road can be a very difficult task in many countries. Makes most of the US states simple by comparison. I haven't got my RF40 to that point yet, but it is great to see others getting to the finish line. I agree with other posters that some pictures would be great, no need to wait for the final paint! Congratulations again! Bill

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Good one Jim.

What plate did you get????

Or were you just glad to take whatever they offered.
My wife for her patience.
I took her to the track earlier this week and she drove 3 sessions.
Jim the above comment is the reason why I am now building one for my lady as once she drove mine she wanted one as well.

So when do you start one for your wife??????

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Congratulations Jim,

A major achievement by any stretch.

Been there a couple of times previously, but plates on the 40 will rate up there as the best day of my life.

Understanding wives are a major advantage.

Out state of NSW would probably rate high on the list of difficult.
It is not the rules but the people you have to work with,they are vindictive.
It will change now that a new system has been introduced.

Thanks Mark
I will think about the photos.

Dimi, I just got yellow and blacks,I have a plate in mind but $220 to place the order then $440 every year, I struggle with this as I consider it a scam and another way of being touched by our government.
On saturday I had to give them several 1000s of dollars in stamp duty(tax) for my seven years worth of effort.
And you know as well as I do that money is not going into the roads.

Clive yes it is a big deal for me too. I went out again at 630am it feels like a bit of freedom once you get the plates on.
Yes much better if the wife is for it and not against it.

Good on you Jim. Have you given it a good caning yet?
Is it what you thought it was going to be when you were building it?
Cheers, and may no multi nova shine on your car. Gus.
Thanks Kevin

Gus, yes I have givin it a flogging.
I have racked up about 800km at the track sorting out the suspension, this took more time than I expected but once I found the key it started to fall into place from there.
I feel very confident in the car, it would be the fastest thing I have driven out off a has that much rear end grip on exit.

You have to man up and commit to the corner,the more you commit the more you suprise yourself,it is a leep of faith.

I made all my own suspension,at first I thought it was an understeering pig.
I just kept going back,got a better understanding of what I was adjusting.
Now I cant beleive how good it goes

When I built it I was probably more go for the social event ,go for a drive, it has probably a little more hard core and less comfort as time has gone on.
I am so glad I didnt paint it as it would be a mess,I have had a few moments in the rain and dry.

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Nice one Jim
If there's no pictures, it didn't happen :uhoh:
Refresh my memory, what colour scheme are you shooting for ??


This is a hard crowd.
I put a huge amount of effort into that shot ,I took it on my phone as I was running past the car to put out a fire.

I will do some incar on the week end that will shut you f**kers up.