GRP Seat Shell Suppiers

Hi guys,

I've noticed on some of the build pages some GRP seat shells that you have been using. Could anyone point me in the right direction to get a pair? UK preferably.



I recently test fitted a set of GRP shells/seats in my GTD and they very fitted well although for the trimmed seat it was, for me a bit short in the base. But I guess it is how you trim them that matters. The basic shell I tried with no trim gave scope for a for a good seat. And they weighed nothing!

Try calling 01489 788345 and ask for Mick.

Brett mentions Brian M in his build pages. I've also had Lee Dawson mentioned. Intatrim do some but they don't look quite right to me, and they won't do just the shells.

Is Mick a private guy, or part of a company?