Gt40 1013

Does anyone know the whereabouts of 1013 which was my first Ford and which I swapped cars with Peter Sadler for 1010, and which I raced through 1969.Interestingly on some occasions against 1001 when it was entered by Malaya garage and driven by Ian Williams(son)?I also had races in several other GT40's including 1027,1084,1072 and worked on several others. Those were the days I remember buying AMR GT2 the ex paul Hawkins then Juncadella car for £1800.Yes really!
Welcome Willie

The car was auctioned by Coys in November 1997 for £ 180 000 plus fees

At the same sale I was able to buy John Ketchell's portrait of the car which even to this day hangs above my desk

So I too was interested to hear an update for the car !


Brian Magee

Hi Willie,

Good to hear from you.

The last registration number for 1013 in Ronnie Spain's book, 69 FUH is now on a blue Mercedes, so no luck there.


1013 was reunited with its original reg. number OVX 355D when Bryan Wingfield last restored it in the late 1990's. I think that it is now in Belgium.

I know where its original speedometer is though- in my car P/1042, as it was removed in 1967, when 1013, the Ford press car, was sold to its 1st owner with 0 miles on the tripometer... "naughty"!!!
The mentioned car actually spent a while here in Malta in my dads garage as it belonged to a friend of his at the time.
Small world!!!!