Gt40 1076

You might try contacting Superformance/Hillbank Motorsports. I think I read they had access to the car for their "tool room" copy. Another source is Lee Holman at Holman and Moody---a wonderful man and terrific source of information on GT40s.


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Quick Google search, not sure if still correct:
In 2013 Harry Yeaggy, Cincinnati

2021?? Still Harry Yeaggy??
Owner - The Auto Place also Cincinnati, OH

?????? From 6 years ago ???:

Anybody else?
Here it was in 2013 at Amelia Island with 11 other GT40s (or predecessors, of course). I waffle back n forth between my favorite being the Mk IV due to its rear shape or the original Mk I's / II's shapes, but I think 1076 is just the bomb :cool:
Given the price it sold for last time, I would imagine that if it sold again at auction you would have heard about it. The last sale, puts it as one of the most expensive cars value wise in the USA doesn't it?
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