Gt40 2079/1023

Hello knowledgeable GT40-enthusiasts.

I was lucky enough to try the Ford GT40 known as "2079/1023" for an article, that I published on my website - unfortunately, as this is my first post I am not allowed to post a direct link to the site, but the article is on the front page and anyway is the only test of a GT40 that I have ever done.

In the article I focused very much on the driving experience as well as general GT40 history and not much on the exact car as such - very much on purpose as it's history seems uncertain.

As diplomaticaly as I could I included this passage:
"It has probably been through Franco Sbarro’s hands, but whether the car was built by him and by what parts, including the amount of original Ford GT40 is still under investigation. This kind of fact is quite crucial for a GT40 that lives by its history."
The car was, as far as I can see, last auctioned via Coys in 2010 in Padova, where it did not sell. At the time Coys described it (amongst many other words!) as such:
The FORD GT40 on offer is one of a very small series 8 cars that were constructed by Sbarro to exact FORD Specification. With Sbarro's involvement with Scuderia Filipinetti's Racing GT40s he WIJS able to construct superb copies, such was his knowledge of the GT40. For the construction of 2079/1023 ( Sbarro chassis no,) he purchased the chassis plate, engine ,ZF gearbox, and suspension from the wrecked GT40 no. 1023 from Scuderia Filipinetti. He then used these parts for the build of a new car no. 2079/1023"
And stated the build year as 1985 and the engine output as 360 hp. To me it certainly felt like much more and as far as I know the car has indeed been raced in historics after 2010.

But I can not dig up many facts on this car, so I thought I would try here amongst the true GT40-aficionadi.

So: Can anyone shed more light on the history of this car?

Randy V

Welcome to Claus...
I would suggest that you do a search in the forums for Sbarro... There are many discussions about this that you would be better served drawing your own conclusions from.
Thanks, Randy V.

Yes, I did and search of course recognized the very differing opinions on this car. But apparantly being from the mid-Eighties (if the Coys-description from 2010 is correct) it is now more than 30 years old. And having along the way acquired FIA-papers and apparantly being raced it HAS lived some sort of active life, i.e. "history" to my eyes.

However what I know mostly consists of hearsay regarding what it is NOT. I'd love to know when and where it was raced, by whom, the results, the specifications and so on.

And as GT40's in any form are not THAT numerous I was hoping for someone here to know some facts. Maybe have some photos from its past. Or even names of owners?

Anything would be appreciated, really!
I loved your article Claus. Reminds me of why I fell in love with GT 40 s in the first place. And as the proud owner of a low-end replica I venture to say that I think that particular car is probably one of the nicest looking GT 40 s ( real , replica or fraud) that I've seen and I'm sure driving it was amazing. Whatever is said of the builder/owner/ copier he is associated with some desirable cars.