Gt40 design engineer

A close friend of mine is one of the original design engineers for the ford gt40 program. He and his wife were over for dinner.. He spent time reflecting on his work at ford motor company and with chrysler. Some very interesting stories. He worked under roy lunn who has just passed away. It is truly an honer to not only know this man, but to call him my friend.

Ian Anderson

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That is a serious teaser now how about getting him to record some of those memoirs in either printed or on video.

I for one love hearing and reading about the "good old days"

He is a very modest man, said he didn't contribute much.. As we spoke he opened up little more. He told me about the day Henry Ford came back from Italy very upset about the Enzo deal. Henry met with the design engineers and told them what had happened, and they were now working 7 days a week, as much as 12 hour days depending on their progress

He also told me about the day Roy Lunn told a few of the design engineers that a young man was driving a car to the factory . Roy wanted the engineers to evaluate the car. They were told the young man was not allowed in the factory and they had to look at the car in the parking lot. They heard the car coming, He said it was a smaller that rumbled. Well, who steps out of the car but Carrol Shelby. It was the first cobra he built and that was the day he brought it to Ford. My friend talks like it was just another day at work. I get goose bumps every time I think of it.

While at Chrysler he designed the wing for the super bird. And performed the wind tunnel testing.

That is all I remember for now. I will pick his brain the next time we talk.