GT40 Mk2 Chassis Build Plans

Hello everybody!

I've been searching diligently for a set of chassis plans for a GT40 Mk2 as they are my dream car. I am in a chassis fabrication course here at Wyotech and I have chosen to begin a GT40 for my school project. The only issue is the fact that I cannot find plans, dimensions or any information regarding this car anywhere. I've used the search bar and have come across what I believe are some plans but I can't be too sure.

Is anybody out there willing to help me out with chassis plans? Or perhaps guide me in the best place to search for them. Sadly there is not very much money available to spend on this project as of yet beyond the materials I need for the actual frame and suspension. Other than that, I have no idea where to start looking for plans.

I'm sure probably somebody has come here before asking the same question, so I apologize ahead of time if this has wasted anybody's time. It was not my intention to be bothersome.

Best Regards,
~ John
Hey David, I replied to your PM, and I appreciate all the quick responses. It's really great to hear from all of you. Maybe sometime I actually will have one of these cars. :thumbsup:

I will bring some of these plans and designs to my instructor and we'll see if we can't just pull it off. I'll definitely keep posting on this and keep everything updated with which plans we decide to try and go with.

Once again, thank you! As with any of these plans, will I need to make my own body panels and things such as that? Or is it possible to get panels individually?
Looking at the Riviera Scratch build chassis drawings they are much more suited to your tube frame design than my monocoque.. Actually that build log and others you can find in the Build Log section should give you excellent fabrication ideas. Concerning fiberglass body panels you can purchase individual parts or complete bodies, but it will be very costly. If you study several build logs you'll notice many take years to complete. If you take a project like this on in stages costs are more manageable. Bet Wyotech hasn't had a chassis build like yours before!
I think all the major makers would sell you body work at (their) right price...
Its worth asking them all first, deciding on who to go with and asking them for critical dimensions as while very close there might be some differences. (I've heard for example RCR took molds from an original while some of the others are 3rd or 4th hand copies).

Once you have the critical dimensions and a bodywork supplier the rest is IMO pretty easy. Wheelbase and track info is out there and then the rest is easy (ish!).

There is also GTD, KCC, and RCR build manuals out there on the internet somewhere which give some of the critical bodywork mounting dimensions etc.

Good luck