GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 rear screen mesh size

Trying to replicate the rear screen for a the xgt-2 with expanded stainless steel mesh screening but want to get the sizing correct. Looks like the open diamond shaped spaces are 1/4 inch high and approx 3/4" long 18 gauge in thickness. It may be a bit nitpicky but I like the way the original and correct replicas look, any help appreciated, and if any one is making these screens, I already posted this part on the looking for section couple of weeks ago, thanks
Steve, have you got a photo? I’m not sure on which style your after.
Some of the stuff for the MK II generation of cars probably originated out of the USA, and may not be common in the UK if that’s where you are located.
That looks great thanks, what is the outer frame made from, aluminum I'm guessing but do you know the measurements or source for that, looks slightly rounded, not flat.

I do not have the dimensions to hand and the car is away from home at the moment so I can not measure. It is aluminium and is slightly rounded as I think from period images the original frame looks rounded as is that on the restored 1046 (my picture from Le mans 2016 attached). I have also attached 2 pictures of the frame without the mesh fitted. I had it fabricated for me and scaled the sizing off of period phots to the proportions of the RCR rear clip.


ScreenHunter_1209 Jan. 11 23.13.jpg