GT40 MKII Measurements Please

Can someone with an MKII take some measurements for me please?

I mounted my front clamshell this morning, but I need a little help with the rear.

Can you please measure from the top of the rocker at the rear to the ground and at the very base of the rear clamshell to the ground. I’m trying to determine how far the rear clamshell sits below the top of the rocker.

I want to make sure I mount it correctly.

See in this picture where the rear sits a little lower than the top of the rocker? It looks like the bottom of the clamshell sits about where the bottom of the white stripe on the rocker is.

Also while you’re in the garage, if you could give me the distance from the ground to the bottom of the front clamshell, I would appreciate that also.




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With the sills and spider in place the rest comes by itself:)
I have some old body measurements from a GTD if that helps you along...