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Forgive my ignorance, but why are there very few (I only know of Spark) Gt40 Mk1 models in 1:18 scale? Is it a licensing issue? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?
Just thought I'd share this link, looks like their models are on sale. Even better for you guys in the US with the weak Australian dollar...

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FYI the "Shelby Collection" MK IIs are all LHD! And the interior is scaled directly off a Superformance, it has the unique SPF console/handbrake setup!

The exterior is done correctly and is RHD configuration with the access door in the front clip for the brake/clutch reservoirs.

Stephen Ducker

Forgive my ignorance, but why are there very few (I only know of Spark) Gt40 Mk1 models in 1:18 scale? Is it a licensing issue? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?
Hi Dave

You don't see them often. American companies like Exoto have done the Mk2 & Mk4 extremely well, I would guess because they're more familiar to the majority of potential purchasers plus of course they were the first to win at Le Mans.

I have a couple of 1:18 Mk1s. One is a Gulf car (Jouef Evolution) & the other is a green road car (Universal Hobbies)
They are clearly both out of the same mould / factory in China. Both have weber fed Gurney Westlakes, wide Gulf type rear ends and racing idendification lamps moulded into the osr 1/4.

I've also got two Universal Hobbies Mk2s again clearly from the same factory. (They have the same engine as above, whoops!)

I've had them for years so I don't know if they're still produced. I believe Universal Hobbies may have been sold as 'Eagles Race' previously ?
They are "ok" quality ( & at least the steering wheel is on the right side ! )
They were certainly worth the £20 or so they used to I said it was years ago. Judging by UK prices for similar size / quality models I guess they would be about £65 nowadays.

Regards Steve


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I've got many different models. My favorites of all of them are the Slot-It cars.

Not exactly the same thing, but I collect 1:32 slot cars.

There are quite a few variations/Liveries available (I have several GT40s, 917s and 911 RSRs), and the size lets you fit quite a few on a bookshelf without being too small to see anything.

They generally run from about $50 to $150, with paint jobs that can be quite accurate to a specific race/period. Of course, the doors etc don't open up, but you can run them on a track (carefully), and most have working headlights. Modern technology allows multiple cars to run on the same lane with lane-changing for passing. With digital control, you can use a computer to control the amount of "power" available, and can even force pit-stops for low fuel or new tires during longer races.

The really nice tracks are routed at home on MDF. Some amazing setups can be found on Youtube.

OK, now back to the static models. Sorry if this was an annoying diversion:)
I too have searched for MK I's and find them very hard to come by. Even attending "high end" events like Amelia Island etc, no one seems to have them available. You can buy Jimmy Clark's driving suit at Amelia for $30 K but not a model of a MK I anywhere. Shame.

BTW Mike, your "slot it" car looks very much like mine right down to the number! Nice.

Rick, while at the HSR Historic Daytona event I bought the "dirty" version of the light blue MK II as offered in the above ad. Paid $65.00 for it and thought I got a good deal until I got home and noticed it was LHD! It pays to inspect and in this instance I didn't. A glaring mistake by the manufacture and thus the asking price by the seller who must have known.
I afraid there are no completely accurate MK1 models both diecasts and slotcars. Both try and retool existing moulds to save tooling costs. The lastest 1/32nd NSR slotcar of the double 1968/69 Le Mans winner P/1075 was retooled from their MKII model and so has front jacks; no central Nasar duct in front of the windscreen; and what looks like MKII luggage boxes in the back which they do not show any pictures . And the side profile shows the MKII ancestory . But their main inaccuracy is that the slotcar runs on Orange Hailbrand wheels instead of Six spoke ones!! The main inccuracies are the door line shuts and the front screen pillars which are much thinner than any models shows. Also the cut ins on the doors for the side scoops are some what vague on these models.
Its reasonable to know that variants of the GT40 like the MKIIB will never be produced accurately as there were only three MKIIB cars at Le Mans in 1967 and retooling costs would not be recovered in terms of sales. So most Slotcars and Diecasts have minor modifications and straight forward relieveries only.
If you look on the likes of the Shelby Collectables the 1966 Daytona a MKII had Le Mans Snorkels that were not on the real car. And the rear snorkels on the rear deck of these MKII models are not parallel with the rear deck which they should be but are facing upwards!!!
Also most model a of the 1966 MKII and 1967 MKIV are for the American market because they are considered more American a than the Anglo American GT40 small blocks as weol as being the fist two Le Mans winners and so should sell more in the American Market. Even the Red number 1 Shelby Collectable MKII has a fake number since its associated with the number 3 GT40 P/1031 the third Shelby car at 1966 Le Mans that Dan Gurney raced.
I do not blame the companies for some of this but there ideal model would be something with one mould and hundreds of liveries
Regards Allan
I purchased a Revell 1/24 scale GT40 Mk I several months ago for less than $100 on ebay. Car is in the Gulf colors and carries the number 9. Nice model, quality detailed and fits nicely on my work/computer desk. I would recommend it to anyone.
I just found a Fujimi kit made in Japan 1/24 scale glue kit of P0077 in it's original livery of yellow with a white stripe/black outline over the top. It has the Westlake heads and the correct Webers with the top tin cover. Also the wide Gulf rear clam as it was the car built just after the 2 Gulf cars. The kit was $31.00 plus $10.00 shipping from Hong Kong to USA Washington state. Top quality, good/accurate detail!!! Very pleased. Forever Ford!!!

Stephen Ducker

Hello again,

I've just found out Exoto have a Gulf GT40 in 1:18 among their future releases.

RLG18080 Model: 1968 Exoto JW GT40 Version: Le Mans Prototype
Rich I think that's P/1077 is the Yamaha car built to full racing specs. That was bought in 1968 by Yamaha Motors in Japan. Nothing much is known about its early history except it was sold in 1969 . Later in that year it was entered into the Japanese Grand Prix by two Mitsubishi works drivers but withdrawn when the company frowned on upon the entry. See Ronnie Spain's Book GT40 an individual history and race record. Yes the Fujimi kits are great value but even they have certain minor faults.
Regards Allan


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I started about a year ago modelling my monocoque to 1/6th scale in nickel silver sheet.
It is about 18" long from memory.
Building a new workshop got in the way since, but I shall post pictures of progress on the tooling and something like thirty fabricated parts when I get some time to sort other stuff out.


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Yep.Thanks Rick.:thumbsup:
Nice work there.
Trying to replicate the thing in scale with swaging dies for easy repetition here which is more fun than modelling for me.