GT40 Parts For sale!

Now that I am "Car-less",,,I have the following items for sale. Shipping is FREE for USA,,, for others ,,,,I have to look it up. All parts are used with the exception of Water Bottle/Pump.

Complete Facet Dual pump set up (PUMPS, Filters, Regulators, hoses and 2 new filters) $250

2 Glass pack Exhaust pipes Ceramic coated In/Out 18" L, 3" Inlet/Outlet

Flywheel drilled for Ford 302/UN1 Trans (You need to drill the flywheel for the clutch/pressure plate of your choice). Almost new,,,,,$75

GTD Windshield Water Bottle and Motor (NEW) $75


Doc Horrifico,

See photo regarding the attachment of the exhaust. NOTE: The pipes in the picture are NOT what I am selling. I sent you a PM regarding one having a mid section of 4" while the other is 3" all the way through.

The photo is to show how they can be clamped to a GTD exhaust.



Fuel pump set- $170

Flywheel - $50

Pipes -$65

Water Bottle/motor - SOLD
Hey Howy,,,the windshield was "stolen" by Kris K couple of years ago!

I am pretty sure he never used it,,,,it probably is still sitting in his gararge. E-mail The Grouch and ask him to give it to you.