GT40 replica, but... in another scale (HELP needed!)

Hello everybody.

Don't know if this post has its place here, but I think it could be of interest for some of you...

One of my friend is trying to make a 1/8th replica of a GT40 MkI

You can follow his work here:

FORD GT 40 1/8

It's written in french, but pictures speek for themselves.

His work is so fine up to there. He is a very skilled modeler, but, I proposed him my help for some parts not so easy to make by hand...

I'm not as skilled as he is, but I know (a little bit) how to use a computer and a CAD software.

So my purpose is to design in scale rims, uprights, spinners and maybe brake calipers, and to have them produced by stereolithography.

BUT, because, there is a but, for designing those parts, I need some dimensions of the real parts.

I've already found a member ready to help by taking some measurments on his replica wheels (thank you!)

I'm still looking for informations concerning the uprights, so if any of you guys could help, it would be GREAT!

If people here is interested, I could show you my work in the next week.

Thanks for looking

Hi Olivier

An option may be to consider this awesome 1:12 MkII kit and upscale by 50%.

bestbalsakits MG MODEL MYTHO MANIA TABU DESIGN TOP STUDIO IMAI NICHIMO plastic resin scale car bike decal photo etch 1/12 1/20

I have no way of telling how accurate its dimensions are - and you would probably lose a little when measuring to scale up - but maybe the benefit of having a 3D part in your hand to copy would outweigh the difficulties of trying to find all the dimensions and perspectives you would need to design a really accurate upright etc in CAD.


Yes it is a good idea about the 1/12 kit, but, most of suspension parts are way from accurate... Anyway thanks for your reply.

You're right, his work is awesome.

Concerning my part of the project, I've finally found a fellow member of the forum ready to help me with rear uprigths.

I'll try to post a picture as soon as I'll get some cad done.

Thanks for looking, and, please, do not hesitate to leave a comment...