GT40 reunion- "Plan B"


So we sorta dropped the ball in not scheduling the reunion early enough to get a really good venue. Mea Culpa.

So how about this:

2015 is the anniversary of the first GT40 victory (Daytona 1965) as well as the Sebring class victory. It is the anniversary of the introduction of the MK II 427 GT (LeMans 1965) and 50 minus 1 for the 1966 LeMans sweep.

To roll all of these up into a YEAR LONG celebration Dennis Olthoff proposes the following:

-A week long fest starting at the SEBRING SVRA race in March. There will be lap sessions during the vintage event PLUS we can have a GT oriented open track event on the Monday after the Sunday events. Now you have a couple of days to tour Florida, etc. before we attend the AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS as a featured marque with dedicated display space!

-Not enough? Well in September we will be featured at the Watkins Glen SVRA vintage event! Again some laps during the event and if interest warrants we can have an open track on Monday also.

You can both events, do one, or?

This will put our cars on two storied tracks that both have GT40 history not to mention all of the social events that go with these venues. Postponing to 2015 will allow time to plan and provide a fantastic experience and make these a memorable time.

Some intial contacts with several original car owners shows interest so we can get some really great attendees PLUS we can get FORD to be involved with some really nice benefits and neat things (think Road America 2009) so waiting will provide time to do it right.

Please provide your thoughts and ideas...................
Great plan. I will definitely make the Glenn and would like to make at least one of the other events. Just have to get my wife on board. If she isn't able to travel I will make at least one of the events. That being said, I think she would like Amelia Island. Great place to vacation.
I will work with you on lodging for the Glen. I have some good contacts on the VRBO.


Mike D

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Darn Rick. COTA looks like a great facility. My only thoughts were that if we are doing two events which is a fantastic idea, maybe one of them could be midwest or west for the folks on this side of the Mississippi?
Count me in for the Glen but not sure if I can make the March session in FL.
Rick - It would be nice if we could have a rough outline of what we could expect for activities, on which days, so we can plan our days there... obviously, as soon as you have finalized them. I think this will result in a definitive 50th celebration, especially if Ford Motor Co rolls out some special attractions. Thanks for your efforts at making this happen, A.J.

Ron R.

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I don't expect you to organize this, but a west coast event would be nice. Not sure I can tow my car 6K mile to and from either Amelia or the Glen.

Maybe this would help.
Some of you west coasters might look into a transporter or rail freight. Would probaqbly cost less than the gas to get here/there. The rail freight was a great idea as I remember it. You basicly can ride on the same train. Less stress and you get to enjoy the ride. Anyone know the facts?? I would like to know in case we do make a west coast venue.