GT40 Shift knob emblem/lapel pin/tie tack, etc.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
We have these available now, .75" (3/4") diameter and high quality cloisonne done in red, white and blue. All lettering is surrounded by bright edging as are the "Pepsi" red and blue crescents.

We will have walnut shift knobs available shortly to suit Superformance and well as other GT40s. They will be available in a range of threads for the shift lever and feature a steel insert and jam nut with the emblem. The picture is of an early prototype

and is just to show how the emblem looks on the knob.

The pins are $11.95 each and we ship USPS for $3.50 for up to 20 pieces. Payment via PayPal or Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Postage outside the USA quoted with your address supplied. Contact [email protected] for further details.