gt40 shopper

HEY THERE, I have been dreaming of owning a GT40 since I was 12, about 1975. My inheritance is coming soon and Kris's Essex Wire car is EXACTLY what I would want. I need to be convinced that the car is the right decision for My money.
My inheritance is due to My DAD's investment in real estate, I know that this is the smart investment, but it also means a whole bunch of work. I own a home NOW so the car would go in the garrage and be ready to enjoy.


Jim Craik

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I see you are in San Jose, There is a car get together behind Santana Row on Sat mornings 10:00 to 12:00.

I'm usually there with my 40 and sometimes there are one or two more.

I have seen Kris's 40 and its a beauty, much more fun than property:)
Alexander, Welcome to a great group. First you live in a great state for ownership of these fantastic cars. CA is littered with people who both own and love the GT40. You'll get all the help or advise you need if you decide to buy. I hope you do. Let us know if you do. We'll look forward to the photos.
Jim and Jimmy, look forward to meeting You and the others. Will try to make the Santana Row event, any other details on attending?

Hard to imagine You guys are drivin these things around w/out Me seeing one at some point.