GT40 stamps

Don't know if anyone else has spotted these stamps but what a great thing to have framed on the wall, might even appreciate over time.
Go on ebay and seach for "GT40 Stamps". There are complete sheets, singles and stamps in keyrings. I have just bought a sheet to frame. Pretty cool.

Hi Chris
I did not think these were rare at all. I subscribed to the Train version of Collector 100. But I picked up the Motor 100 as well.
I have got that stamp.
If your on the look out for stamps of GT40's. Antigua & Barbuda did a set of cars Mercedes and Ford. The four dollar one is the 1965 (its states incorectly 1966) Daytona winner Ford GT (Not GT40 preproduction chassis GT103 Ford GT)
Stanley Giibbons number 1857/9
Regards Allan
I just received mine through the post. I didn't check to see if they were rare or not as I don't really care, they will look good framed on the office wall, they are in pristine condition as described and whether they appreciate or not is not really a worry to me. Thanks for the info on other stamps, however I must point out I am NOT a stamp collector :zzz: I have bought a whole sheet A4 size to be used purely as a wall picture.
I know, some people will buy anything if it's got a GT40 on it.