GT40 Startline Crash at Goodwood Revival 2009

Looks like something happened when the red Lola tried turning in behind the leaders. Broken tie rod or cold/worn tires perhaps?
Might be of interest to some of the Kiwis around here, that appears to be the ex NZ Team Cambridge Lola [Blue/White/Gold] also involved in the incident.
I was there, did not see it first hand but on the big screen. No explanation as to what happened. What a shame for the damaged cars.
Already planning next years visit, fantastic time, don't miss it.
Either too much right foot or steering lost. Either way it's painful to watch. The driver of the GT40 had no chance and wasn't doing anything wrong. That's motor racing I guess.

Auck, NZ

Randy V

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At the start - It appeared that the red Lola may have gone slightly off track to the left and then over-corrected..

The door on the GT40 was popped open by the impact with the white car if you watch it carefully.. Granted the driver was getting ready to bail out when it finally stopped moving...
Jac Mac, I don't remeber the Lola, but the livery on the car did bring back vivid memories of the Coppins/Fahey Camebridge Racing Team Camaro/Mustang of the early 70s. I mentioned That My Dad had a place nxt to Bay Park and the first time I got up close to a real race car was when the Camebridge Team was having a practice day and we went in and had a look at the cars. My Dad lived so close you could stand on the garage roof and watch the racing.