is Twenty!

Ron Earp

Hard to believe it but the forum is now twenty years old this month. It seems like a long long time ago we started the forum hosting it on a free forum service which I can’t even remember the name of now. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the GT40s industry over the years with GT40 replica companies coming into and out of existence and even Ford producing two versions of the Ford GT during that time.

Meanwhile, the forum has continued on and many of our original founding members are active members of the community. Of course, a few have taken the checker flag during that time and we’ll remember them well.

Keep on rolling!

Here is what the forum looked like in December of 2001 - we had 253 members then!!



Thanks to all who keep this fantastic site running in the background.
The knowledge that has accumulated here in the past 20 years is certainly unique.



congratulations, pretty much from day 1 this has been the premier site for GT40 related content. Advice, help and banter is what keeps a site alive and relevant as well as good controls and policing. The members are also vital and we are lucky to have some supremely knowledgeable and helpful members on here.
thanks again Ron, We appreciate all you and the moderators do.


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Thank you Ron for this Forum and thanks for all the people who made this possible - sponsors, supporters, contributors and not to forget most important the moderators and all other I did not mention.

Let's also think about the members which left this world far too early..... RIP

Congrats! The forum is almost old enough to drink.

It's been a great 20 (17 for me) years.
Well, being in Germany the forum is already old enough to drink - tonight we'll have a few beers together :cool:

Brian Stewart
Congratulations and thanks Ron. I think I was the 18th member to join. It's been an invaluable resource through the years.
Thank you Admin and Moderators for all the hard work over the years to make this place run smoothly.

thank you to all the members who post content and answer questions.

Happy Birthday GT40s!!!!!!

Brian Kissel

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Happy Birthday Ron. I've been here since early 2002 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I appreciate all you do to keep this place a low noise site and the very knowledgeable people here and their willingness to share information freely.

Here's to the next 20 Years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Brian

Ian Anderson

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Happy Birthday

I joined in 2003 and have read the posts every day since then.

looking forward to the next 20


Doc Watson

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Being a late arrival in 2005 I can say that without this site I wouldn't have got anywhere near where I am now with my car, great people and relaxed atmosphere roll on the silver jubilee. Thanks Ron and all others who help with the running of the site.

Ron Earp

Thanks to all that make the forum possible. If you're new here and like what you see think about becoming a forum supporter. We aren't for profit and typically speaking we squeek by on expenses each month, typically ending the year at about break even.

Dave Hood

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Thanks to Ron and everyone who has built and maintained this site. It's been a great resource as I've enjoyed my GT40 over the last seven years.