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Randy V

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Edit 5/18/2018

As of now there will be no more discussion of Politics or Guns... Religion is still open - for now - but I expect the same cast of characters that just assassinated the P & G threads will close that down as well...

To those that did play nice with others - I tried to accommodate you... To those that just could not resist turning debate into acidic arguments, well, I really wish you would find another forum elsewhere....

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The Paddock Forum has few rules but it's become obvious that we need just a little more guidance and structure in order to maintain peace and civility.
There are a number of subjects that elicit great passion and are quite polarizing. The two subjects contributing the most bandwidth are Politics and Religion.
Rather than eliminating these discussions altogether, we are starting two new THREADS within the Paddock.
One thread for Religious Posts here:

One thread for Political Posts here:

The threads have their own rules which can be found at the beginning of each thread. Please familiarize yourselves with those very simple but firm rules.
Any questions can be posted here.
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David Morton

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Why should they be seperated?Religion causes more bigotry and more wars (the middle east is one big religious war ) Give me a break. My media sources are just ram packed with religious wars. Martin Maginnes was a good example of why religion and politics should always be part of the same thing. Get a life or do you run around blindfolded?
I have a life and I am not being bullied by your viewpoint. Religion is a belief; politics has nothing to do with it. Religions do not cause wars. Its Power that causes wars. Religion is high jacked and used as a end to the means to get power. If the whole world was Atheist or agonostic there would still be wars. Difference and Bigotry is the cause "think my way only" ISIS is viewpoint Man is part of the animal kingdom and territory is part of natures system. Sure you can mix the two but its the individual interpretation of both that's the problem.
Regards Allan

Randy V

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Gentlemen -
Please use your heads when determining which thread to post on.
We are all grown-ups here and you know exactly what we're getting at, so please do not try to make that gray area any larger or smaller.
Barring that - you can always choose to not post anything either religious or political in nature in any of our forums..
Thank you..