GTD fuse box location

I have an early '90s? GTD GT40, and for the life of me, I cannot find a fuse holder. I have searched on this sight (normally under the passenger side dash?), and have been looking under the dash, and everywhere else. It is a LH drive car serial# 09890. Can anyone help? I've owned it for around 15 years and never needed to check a fuse before!

Mike Pass

Mine was located at the far left of the dashboard underneath and behind the dashboard. If you can pull out the speedometer this will help with access. As thereare only a few fuses I replaced my fusebox with a better one with more fuses and uses blade type fuses.
My car had 5 wires running off the starter terminal, so I just mounted a fuse block close beside it, and fused all 5 wires individually. 25amp, because I have no idea where they all go. I should be able to locate the alternator lead though and fuse appropriately. But at least there is some protection between the battery and all the way forward to the original fuse block {where ever that is}! All this started because I wanted to replace the starter, and thought I could clean up this gob of wires on it.
Actually I have the alternator wire running directly to the starter/battery terminal, so no fuse on that one. Just the other 4 to the fuse block.