GTD Renault UN1 transaxle Clutch And shifter

I am selling this Renault UN1 transaxle Clutch, flywheel, adaptor plate (302 ford) and shifter. It came out of my GTD running perfectly. I upgraded to A Audi 01E 6 speed transaxle. Looking for $3000 for everything.
The Unit is located in Freeport N.Y. zip I am willing to ship However buyer has to cover shipping expenses.

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Should be in the for sale section and imagine will be moved soon but: how do you find the 01E?
I got lucky, I was referred to someone who had the O1E, adaptor plate, clutch, flywheel and fluid ready to go in a CAV but never got to it. So I bought it. I highly recommend this set up it shifts better than a ZF not to say a ZF is not a great set up but for the money you cant beat it.