GTD Restore rear brakes

Hi all,
I'm undertaking the restoration of a GTD built in the UK around 1990 which was to have had Granada/Scorpio rear brakes...
the brakes mounted absolutely dont match these,so a previous owner must have replaced the lot
does anyone have an idea of what these are?
total diameter is 305-306mm
inner plate diameter is 216mm
disc width 23mm
any help is welcome


Mike Pass

The hub looks like the GTD original Ford Granada Mk3 item. Check the pcd of the stud spacing , usually 5 x 112mm 63.4 centre bore. Have a look at the back of the brake pads. There may be some part numbers printed on the back that you can trace. Check over brake part sites such as Burton Power for Ford Granada, Scorpio and Sierra Cosworth and Escort Cosworth brake parts for ones with the same dimensions as yours.
Calliper is Sierra, Scorpio (Granada in the UK) and Escort Cosworth. The bigger engines with diskbrakes on the rear.
Its a very common upgrade calliper on classic Fords with a reardrum to disk swap as this calliper has a mechanical handbrake so lots of parts available.