GTD40 Driveshaft Joint + Gaiters (NOS)

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Having a tidy up at the moment and came across some GTD40 bits that I've had in stock for some time. Fits the standard couplings used by GTD / Chris Cole for the UN1 Renault Transaxles.

1x 100mm Driveshaft coupling - Brand NEW - still in bag with a 'tube of lube'.
(you need 2 per shaft, one each end but would be handy as a spare)

3 x driveshaft rubber gaiters - Brand NEW - unused.
(These are the type that have a metal flange to cover the driveshaft coupling and just require a band clip or tight cable-tie to seal the small end to the driveshaft.)

Looking for £40 for the lot, delivered in the UK.
If you want to collect - I'm near Bristol.

Would send overseas for £35+P&P at cost but remember it's not light.


Not open for further replies.