GTR - not sure I belong here

Hi all,

Fran was kind enough to give me a tour of his place and the cars a while back. Not sure if I drooled more from the finished cars or the manufacturing side of things.

I fear I might fall into the category of "If you need an instruction manual, you shouldn't be building one of these cars" .

Are there any detailed build logs or instructions hidden in these forums that I have missed?


Joel K


There are a number of detailed GTR Build threads under the GT40s Build logs. I don’t know if the build manual is finished for the GTR but I would think many items from the SLC build manual and wiki would apply to a GTR Build.

I have an SLC on order and spending the time documenting my own detailed build plan so I have a good sense for how I will approach things when the kit is ready. This will be my first component car build so I am very new to the process.
I've done a FFR Roadster with my wife doing a lot of wiring as I just don't get it. It was also an ISIS system. Biggest problem for me was the confidence required to just cut things up/fabricate something if part A didn't fit part B. Once I realized these things don't go together as planned, I stopped spending hours and hours on things that were never going to work, and just started putting it together and making it fit when I had to.

There are so many FFR's on the road, there is a lot of support available. I'll take another look in the GT40's build log and see what I can find.

I thought I recognized that nickname from another forum.

Check out the "SLC Clubhouse" sub-forum here. There should be some GTR build threads, along with a wealth of other RCR knowledge.

Good luck. And yes, you belong here. :)
Hi Martin:
I know exactly where you are coming from. I worked on cars as a teenager, but never anything like building a car. I started a GT-R as a novice and have tried to document the entire build, under “SLC Clubhouse”, “Mark’s GT-R Build.” I have found this forum to be the build manual. Any time I needed help, any number of people shared their experience and lead me through it. With a drill press, a grinding wheel and and assortment of power and hand tools, I have been able to fabricate anything that was needed. Now I find the fabrication the most fun aspect of the build. This has been a TERRIFIC EXPERIENCE. This forum has been the key for me.